Autonomic Dysfunction occurs when the Autonomic Nervous Systems, specifically the Parasympathetic & Sympathetic Nervous Systems, become imbalanced.
To treat that imbalance it first must be identified with Autonomic Monitoring.

Autonomic Monitoring is when we take a look at the physiological response of the Parasympathetic (described as the “Rest & Digest Response”) and Sympathetic (described as the “Fight & Flight Response”) branches of the Autonomic Nervous System (also known as, ANS, which is part of the Peripheral Nervous System) using the FDA Cleared, Physio PS Innovative Autonomic Monitoring System®.

The ANS is considered a “self-regulating system” meaning that is involuntary (without any thought or effort). The balance between the Parasympathetic & Sympathetic branches of the ANS is call Sympathovagal Balance, this balance is imperative to the functionality of the ANS. When the Sympathovagal Balance is off, this is what is known as Dysautonomia.

As a “self-regulating system”, the ANS will continue to work, even when the system itself is failing. This failure of the functionality is called Autonomic Dysfunction.

It is important to understand that the ANS controls the functions of many internal organs as well as the regulation of many multi-organ responses to the world around us. Functions and responses such as, heart rate, blood pressure, and breath rate (to name only a few) means that the health of the ANS
is crucial to the health of the whole body.

A simple example would be: When you walk from a bright room into a dark room. When you are in the bright room your pupils are constricted (a parasympathetic response), and when you are in a dark room your pupils are dilated (a sympathetic response). The body’s response to light & dark is involuntary,
which is your ANS at work as a whole.

We use the Physio PS Innovative Autonomic Monitoring System® because of its proprietary ability to register the data of both branches of the ANS independently & simultaneously, allowing for the best possible data and interpretation of the complete health of the body as a whole.